OBD Tachojustiergerät - Diagnose - u.v.m.


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Tacho adjustment, component protection, diagnostics, adaptation and releases!

10 years Car-Commander

Car-Commander is an OBD software that comes with the
VAG K + CAN Commander 1.4 interface works together, which is the controller
PIC 18F248 has installed.
It supports all protocols needed. K - CAN and UDS
We only sell the software! To the interface, they have to try themselves.
You need an interface with PIC18F248 !
Or simply: search VAG K + CAN Commander 1.4, e.g. on Ebay or Google
This interface, cost about 20 euros.
Our software does not work with VCDs interface and so on.
Attention: interface of www.digitools24.com do not work with Car-Commander, because the PIC is re-soldered and not programmed.

The software will be delivered after purchase and payment as a download!

On the left side of the menu, you will find the vehicle manufacturers and models with which ours
Software is compatible.
Immediately upon acquisition of a VAG, BMW, or Mercedes Software,
the following vehicle manufacturers are automatically activated.
Volvo, Peugeot, Citroen, Fiat Renault, Opel, Ford and Chrysler.
Diagnosis and tacho adjustment possible until approx.
The software is no longer being developed!